Character Creation

Point system

All ability scores start at 8 and you buy extra points according to table

Ability score Points cost
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4
13 5
14 6
15 8
16 10
17 13
18 16

You have a total of 26 points to spend.


  • You start the game at level 3.
  • That gives you 2700 GP. Worth of gear.
    • Of this a maximum of 1000 GP worth can be magical.

Starting area

Campaign starting stetting is the city of Dhedluk in Cormyr. 1
The majority of the players should come from this place. Single players can be allowed to cone from elsewhere if given a good explanation to the GM. (For other places or races see campaign setting page 30).

1 That gives the free choice of gear, one of the below.

  1. Master work Longsword or Master work heavy mace.
  2. Master work Banded mail
  3. Scroll of Flaming sphere and endurance.
  • You have the automatic language of Common and Chondathan.
    • Bonus languages can be chosen form this list (one pr. int modifier)
      • Elven
      • Damaran
      • Gnome,
      • Goblin
      • Halfling
      • Orc
      • Turmic
      • Others can be chosen if given reasonable explanation to GM.

Region based feats:

You can chose between this feats in addition to the other feats in the players handbook.

Saddleback [fighter, general]
Your people are as comfortable riding as walking.
Regions: Cormyr, Hordelands, Narfell, the North, Western Heartlands.
Benefit: You receive a +3 bonus on all Ride checks.

Discipline [general]
Your people are admired for their single-minded determination and
clarity of purpose. You are difficult to distract by spell or blow.
Regions: Aglarond, Anauroch, Cormyr, Impiltur, Thay, strongheart halfling, sun elf, rock gnome.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Will saves and a +2 bonus on Concentration checks.

Education [general]
Some lands hold the pen in higher regard than the sword. In your youth you received the benefit of several years of more or less formal schooling.
Regions: Amn, Chessenta, Cormyr, Evermeet, Lantan, Mulhorand, Sembia, Silverymoon, Waterdeep, moon elf, sun elf.
Benefit: All Knowledge skills are class skills for you: You get a +1 bonus on all skill checks with any two Knowledge skills of your choosing.
Special: You may only take this feat as a 1st-level character.

Foe Hunter [fighter, general]
In lands threatened by evil nonhumans, many warriors learn ways to fight effectively against these creatures. You have served as a member of a militia or military unit devoted to protecting your home from the fierce raiders who trouble the area.
Regions: Chult, Cormyr, Damara, the Lake of Steam, the North, the Moonsea, Tashalar, Tethyr, Vaasa, shield dwarf, wood elf.
Benefit: Your homeland dictates the type of foe you have trained against.
When fighting monsters of that race, you gain a +1 competence bonus on damage rolls with melee attacks and on ranged attacks at ranges of up to 30 feet, and you act as if you
had the Improved Critical feat for the weapon you are using.
This benefit does not stack with the Improved Critical feat.

  • Special:
    • In Cormyr, Damara, Tethyr, Vaasa, or as a shield dwarf, your traditional foes are goblinoids—goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears.
    • In Chult and Tashalar, this feat applies to lizardfolk and yuan-ti.
    • Wood elves train against gnolls.
    • In the Lake of Steam, the North, and the Moonsea, this feat applies to orcs and half-orcs.
    • You may take this feat multiple times.
    • Its effects do not stack.
    • Each time you take the feat you must qualify for learning regional feats in a land that hunts a different creature from that specified by the regional feat or feats you already have.

Character Creation

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