Der er forskellige former for gift i Forgotten Realms og her er en oversigt over dem gruppen har stødt på indtil nu og muligvis bruger selv.

Drow knockout Poison
The dark elves are renowned for their use of unconsciousness-inducing poison. They carefully guard the secret of their venom, and it is difficult to find outside of drow realms and outposts.

  • Stats:
    • Type: Injury
    • DC: 13
    • Initial effect: Unconsciouness (1 min)
    • Secondary effect: Unconsciousness (2d4 hours)
    • Price: 75 gp
    • Source: realmshelps.net


  • Stats:
    • Type: x
    • DC: x
    • Primary effect: x
    • Secondary effect: x
    • Price: x
    • Source: Text


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