Shadow shard

This thumb-sized crystal of deep purple is set in bronze clasps. A sturdy bronze chain is affixed to one clasp, så that the shard can be worn as a pendant.

The shard can be used to affect a living creatures that lack the Shadow weave magic feat.

If using Weave magic in its vicinity when activated, the caster is reduced to a minimum of health and is unable to use any of its Weave-related abilities within short range of the crystal.

A creature affected in this manner remains under the constraint against using Weave magic near the shard for as ling as it remains near, and for one hour afterwards.

If the creature does not use Weave magic, a faild save instantly slayes it and becomes a shadow creature.

It is said that only worshippers of Shar can use this minor artifact.

The Shadow shard is a piece of the Stone of Mydaroch, a powerful Shadow Weave artifact often caled the Shadow Stone, that was destroyed by the mage Aeron Morieth in Cimbar, but a number of shards survived.

In the years that followed, servants of Shar have been collecting and using the peaces of the Shadow Stone to corrupt Weave magic, destroy life, and create shadowy unlife.

A shard is a Shadow Weave item, and as such it is perilous for Weave casters to use.

GM Note: see page 152 of Shadowdale – The Scouring of the Land for game effect mechanics.

Shadow shard

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